nativeEx is a project that will build your boot disk from a Microsoft Windows XP Install CD.

The boot disk will attempt to use all languages strings available from the XP source, hense the project prefix "native".

This project is used as base for other projects like LiveXP and nativePE, the difference is that it is intended to be a very minimal, barebones only, adding the minimum needed to have an efficient system.

It is ideal for situations where a small sized (31Mb up to 50Mb) disk is required and is also updated very frequentely since it is used as base for testing with new features from wb.

You can find support and newer developments on the respective discussion forum here:


This project can be used under Windows 2000 and above. Under Windows Vista you will need to disable the UAC (User Account Control) to allow the creation of needed registry hives.

You can also use scripts that come from the LiveXP and NativePE projects.

To build a bootable disc you will need to use a Microsoft Windows XP Install Disc. The type of XP (home, professional) is not relevant but we recommend always using a retail or corporate version of XP with SP2 included.

As an alternative you can use regular Windows XP, without SP or SP1, or Windows 2003.

If you don't have a satisfatory CD to use as souce then you should download a free trial version of Windows 2003 from the Microsoft site and use this image to build your project  (only the first image is needed to download - around 500Mb). 


You only need to tell the project where to find the needed files to copy from the source.

We recommend that you copy all your files from the CD to a folder on disk and use this folder as source before following the below usage details.

The used source only needs to be inputed once or changed whenever you wish to use another source. To manually change the used source you can always click on the "Paths" tab found on the main window next to the "Script" tab.

Don't forget that most scripts also have options to customize it's defintions. This is usefull is you wish to change the screen display settings or disable features you don't want.


When posting for bugs related to this project please include the following details:

If you run a project and it won't work as you expect, then you should click on the log tab for more information. The log will display where an error has occurred.

It is very important that you upload this log.html when reporting a bug on the forums related to the project. This file contains details which help us understand the conditions under which the project was built. This file is usually sized around 1Mb - 2Mb, but it can be compressed by any popular archiver (7zip, winrar, winzip, etc) to a compressed file sized of about 20Kb.

When posting a message or reporting a bug, please try searching the previous posts for similar reported problems. In most cases if a solution has already been found, it will have been posted. This can save everyone a lot of time when looking for answers.

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